• No1 :Solid energy fireplace heathers and boilers 
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ISO 9001:2015 
TÜV management Service GmBH
Auftragsnummer: 07/70052452, Nr: 12 100 20275 TMS

GOST [2004/2008 – 2009/2012]
Wood burning stoves and boilers – 25 DELTA and EMBER models
Russian cert.: No POCC CS.MГ01.B01780 / POCC PU.001.11MГ01

CE Mark [2006]
Kaminofen für feste Brennstoffe-DELTA PE-1
Bericht Nr. K 181 2006 T1
Typrüfung nach DIN EN 13240 (TÜV Rheinland, Köln – Deutschland)



A small manufacturing work-shop with a  few second-hand machines extended to respectable middle-size company  with considerable engineering, technological and manufacturing  technological capabilities and now has 85 employees. In the last 12  years our most important brand  are solid energy fireplace heaters for  our customers. We have accumulated experience and skills about  engineering and production of solid energy fireplace heaters and  boilers. We are also able to enable pretesting of the new models to be  sure about results of official  testing for sertification.
1969  – “ELMONT” was the very first private workshop  in a former socialistic  Yugoslavia. The primary area of activity was in  line with the high-voltage electro-energetic industrial systems and  equipment – engineering, instalation/mounting, maintenance and repair.
1976  – “ELMONT” has been changed its basic business  activity and became  “ELEKTROMETAL”. It was private production workshop  for diverse  industrial electro-mechanical components and spare parts  such were:
    • Components and spare parts for the Railway and Energetic Corporation
    • Agriculture machinery
    • Metal, Construction and Military Sectors, etc.
1992  – “ELEKTROMETAL” has had continual growth with  new production  programs, more personel and new machinery. The workshop  became a  company with the new name: “EM DIP d.o.o”.
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EMDIP has consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of excellence.