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Wood burning stoves are our main  production program and following products from the same branch are  boilers, Bio Ethanol heaters as well as pelett stoves which we do  produce for our customers. Behind us are almost 20 years of experience  of developing & engineering, pretesting and manufacturing.
Wood burning stoves are made according to two fundamental principles:
·         Radiant heat stoves
they give heavy warmth around the stove
·         Convection stoves                                                                                              
they distributes the warmth by use and control of air circulation
All our models are convection stoves. A great majority of all of the modern stoves are built in line the convection principle today.
Convection stoves
A  convection stove has an inner stove and an outer shell. The cold air is  drawn in at the bottom at the stove and this air is warmed up and sent  out as warm air at the top. At the same time the air circulation  provides you with a uniform temperature throughout the room. The outer  shell at the stove does not become excessively hot which means that the  stove can be placed closer to flammable materials. Most of our modelss can be placed just about 25 cm from flammable materials (furniture, curtains, wooden enteriers). Customers will find the distances to be kept by mounting In the user’s manual and at the type plate behind at the stove.
We do not comprise when it comes to product quality – but we seek to get the goods to the consumers in the most effective way.
We offer you a wide range  of products in an attractive design in a good quality. We attach great  importance to the fact that our products have a function which more than  covers your needs. Efficiency and consciousness about costs throughout  the value chain from production to end customer ensure you the best  quality to a favourable price.
 wood burning stoves are developed and managed to get and join together four most important demands at once: 

Function - Quality - Design - Price.
All our models meets actual environmental requirements in Europe, as well as coresponding standards and norms for security and function
CE Norms
EU Standard: EN-13240 * EN-13229
DE Standard: BImSchV (1. + 2. Stufe) * DIN plus * DIN 18891 * Verordnung München
AT Standard: § 15 A Österreich * 15a B-V6 * 15a B-V6 2015
CH VKF AEAI: Nr. 22778